Our Eyebrows Were Transformed By Kylie Jenner's Brow Expert And Now We Look And Feel VIP

    From eyebrows to eye-wows. Ha. Ha.

    Hello! Sheridan, Allie, and Lara here and we have basically done nothing to our eyebrows in several, several months. So, naturally, when we found out we had a celebrity eyebrow artist mere minutes from our office, we knew we had to try it out and see the transformation.

    The celebrity eyebrow artist, Erin "EB" Bryant, has been transforming brows for two years now. She's worked with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, Kehlani, and Vanessa Hudgens...to name a few. And she documents a lot of her brow transformations on her Instagram. Let's be honest, they look good as hell.

    We wanted/needed a brow transformation stat, so we decided to go see her and witness the magic ourselves.

    The first step to getting our new brows was, of course, shaping! EB has a special iBrow shaping technique. While a lot of stylists may use stencils, EB customizes each client's shape based on their facial features. She outlined the shape that was desirable and made sure that it looked symmetrical on each side.

    After the iBrow shaping technique, it's time to clean up any stray hairs. She can do this by waxing or tweezing depending on your preference. Allie and Sheridan both got waxed while I (Lara) chose tweezing since I used chemical peels on my face not long before this appointment and wasn't trying to get third-degree burns.

    After defining the shape and cleaning up stray hairs — it was time to fill in the brows. The whole process — shaping, waxing/tweezing, and shaping — took about 40 minutes in total. And it was 93% painless. I say 93% because tweezing and waxing sometimes stings, yanno?

    That's it! After that, we were done, and ready to see our new brows.

    Here's Lara before and after:

    Here's Allie before and after:

    And here's Sheridan before and after:

    Basically, we were feeling like this:

    To check out more of EB's work, or book an appointment, you can visit her website here.