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    Our Eyebrows Were Transformed By Kylie Jenner's Brow Expert And Now We Look And Feel VIP

    From eyebrows to eye-wows. Ha. Ha.

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    Hello! Sheridan, Allie, and Lara here and we have basically done nothing to our eyebrows in several, several months. So, naturally, when we found out we had a celebrity eyebrow artist mere minutes from our office, we knew we had to try it out and see the transformation.

    Sheridan, Allie, Lara

    Sheridan: I'm obsessed with eyebrows, OBSESSED. Unfortunately, they don't always love me back. I'll have one week where they're looking incredible, but then the next looking like I got into a fight with tweezers and lost. I had a particularly bad shaping experience about a year ago and I swore I wouldn't trust anyone else with my brows. But my sister also told me my "eyebrows were going from Cara Delevingne-chic to oh my god, is she wearing wigs for eyebrows?"

    Allie: I absolutely LOVE the look of clean, well-trimmed eyebrows. I think if your brows look good, you literally don’t need makeup. Unfortunately, I’m also lazy AF and hate using tweezers. I’ve had my brows professionally done a handful of times, but I feel like they constantly want to RE-SHAPE my naturally straight brows so that they have more of an arch, rather than work with their natural shape.

    Lara: I used to wax my eyebrows in 2009 within an inch of their life, and because I deeply regret that time in my life, I've avoided touching my eyebrows since then. I tweeze on occasion just to make sure my unibrow chills out, but other than that, I am not doing a damn thing to my brows.

    The celebrity eyebrow artist, Erin "EB" Bryant, has been transforming brows for two years now. She's worked with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, Kehlani, and Vanessa name a few. And she documents a lot of her brow transformations on her Instagram. Let's be honest, they look good as hell.

    @ibrowsbyeb / Via

    We wanted/needed a brow transformation stat, so we decided to go see her and witness the magic ourselves.

    The first step to getting our new brows was, of course, shaping! EB has a special iBrow shaping technique. While a lot of stylists may use stencils, EB customizes each client's shape based on their facial features. She outlined the shape that was desirable and made sure that it looked symmetrical on each side.

    Macey J. Foronda BuzzFeed

    She also free-hand draws through clients' brows to get the perfect shape before laying the wax or beginning to tweeze. I (Lara) couldn't see what was happening during this process at all, but I could tell she was super concentrated and making sure it looked even by redoing it a couple of times, which made me feel good.

    After the iBrow shaping technique, it's time to clean up any stray hairs. She can do this by waxing or tweezing depending on your preference. Allie and Sheridan both got waxed while I (Lara) chose tweezing since I used chemical peels on my face not long before this appointment and wasn't trying to get third-degree burns.

    Macey J. Foronda BuzzFeed

    After defining the shape and cleaning up stray hairs — it was time to fill in the brows. The whole process — shaping, waxing/tweezing, and shaping — took about 40 minutes in total. And it was 93% painless. I say 93% because tweezing and waxing sometimes stings, yanno?

    Macey J Foronda for BuzzFeed

    That's it! After that, we were done, and ready to see our new brows.

    Here's Lara before and after:

    Macey J Foronda BuzzFeed

    Lara's thoughts about the transformation: OK, yes, they were dark at first. But honestly, I loved it! It's bold! It's daring! It made me excited! And it totally faded a bit after the first day and looked even better. The shape was fantastic, and I fully plan to go back and get them re-shaped every couple of months now. I had a couple of areas that still needed growing, but hell, I'm sold on this.

    Here's Allie before and after:

    Macey J Foronda BuzzFeed

    Allie's thoughts about the transformation: I’m ADDICTED to what she did with my brows! She talked to me through everything and let me know UPFRONT that she was going to keep my natural brow shape. I don’t feel like she tried to make me look ~trendy,~ but instead she made me look like an improved version of myself. I cannot say enough positive things about this, tbh.

    And here's Sheridan before and after:

    Macey J Foronda BuzzFeed

    Sheridan's thoughts about the transformation: I love love love the shape. I feel like it makes my face way more balanced. I'm just happy I still have thick brows, but in a more cleaned-up look. Plus, when I FaceTimed with my sister, she said "Finally! You need them like this ALL the time." So yeah, thanks!

    Basically, we were feeling like this:

    Buena Vista Pictures

    To check out more of EB's work, or book an appointment, you can visit her website here.