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23 Signs You Went To High School In The Midwest

Your senior picture included a hay bale.

1. FFA, aka Future Farmers of America, was very prevalent in your school.

2. You or someone you know was heavily involved in 4H.

3. And your school most likely had a "drive your tractor to school" day.

4. Being named "fair queen" was the highest honor.

5. The county fair was the social event of your summers.

6. And nothing was quite as important as high school basketball.

7. You were an EXPERT at defrosting and de-icing your car before school.

8. If you were even semi-decent at sports, you could get a shout-out in the local newspaper.

9. And you were almost too good at preparing for any kind of weather with every outfit.

10. You will never stop having nightmares about Scantron tests.

11. There was at least one dude at your school who drove a huge truck.

12. Chances are, your senior pictures included hay bales.

13. And tornado drills were a part of life.

14. Pretty much all your time spent in cars was making sure you weren't the last one to notice a padiddle.

15. You were hard-pressed to find a social gathering that didn't include corn hole.

16. You started wearing shorts and T-shirts as soon as the weather hit above 40 degrees.

17. No school dance would be complete without "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."

18. And, of course, dances weren't complete without the "Cha Cha Slide," either.

19. Dairy Queen was the ideal date spot.

20. And countless hours were spent at Steak n' Shake before rushing home to meet curfew.

21. Nearly every party you attended centered around a bonfire.

22. If someone wronged you, their yard would surely be covered in toilet paper.

23. And quite frankly, you can't imagine growing up anywhere else.