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19 Times Taco Bell Didn't Even Try At All

Live less.

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1. When they made this Mexican Pizza:

@jessybug1 / Via

2. Or this one:

@ladylittlesandaduck / Via

3. When they gave someone this hard taco:

4. And when they gave someone this Frito Beefy Cheddar Crunchwrap Slider:

5. When they served up these Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes:

@misspetty24 / Via

6. Or when they served up this...thing:

7. When they thought this was an acceptable Cantina Bowl:

@getrealpaleo / Via

8. Or when they put this inside a burrito:

@tampabayraysnlightningfan / Via

9. When these nachos were without adequate topping:

@kayjean217 / Via

10. Or when this Gordita was just so sad:

@lpavlicek / Via

11. Or when this Gordita was seriously lacking a layer:

@mcknyanthony / Via

12. When this Double Steak Quesadilla failed to deliver:

@t_roy618 / Via

13. And when this quesadilla was cold:

@kaden_brah / Via

14. When this hard taco barely had any meat in it:

@lightmonkey03 / Via

15. When this burrito barely had ANY filling in it:

@ljpayne07 / Via

16. When this hard shell was wrapped around a burrito...for some reason:

17. When this breakfast taco happened:

@wy_la / Via

18. When this became the new nachos and cheese combination:

19. And when whatever this is happened:

@carafrucci / Via

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