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26 Times Jim And Pam's Relationship Was Way, Way Too Real

The one and only OTP.

1. When Pam made this face after Jim asked her out and we couldn't help but smile right along with her:

2. When Jim refused to give up on Pam:


3. When they air-high-fived and made you want to scream with joy:


4. When Pam fell asleep on Jim's shoulder:


5. When Pam's mom came to the office and immediately asked about Jim:


6. When Pam let her nerd flag fly and Jim just loved her more for it:


7. When Jim joked about proposing and it was somehow still adorable:


8. When Pam said this about her future kids and our eyes welled with tears:

9. When Jim cut his tie on their wedding day and we just could NOT take it:


10. When they had this exchange in the hospital:

11. When they left each other voicemails and it was the only time you didn't hate the thought of receiving a voicemail:

12. When they shared this romantic musical moment together:

13. When they exchanged Christmas gifts and it was possibly the most thoughtful thing in the history of thoughtfulness:


14. When Jim made this speech and wow, I'm not crying, you're crying:

15. When Jim kissed Pam's forehead and you almost fainted:

16. When they teamed up together to play practical jokes:


17. When they looked at each other like this:

18. When they kissed like this and you nearly died from the cuteness:

19. When they discussed their sex life and it was disgustingly cute:

20. When Jim made this spontaneous statement:

21. When Jim revealed how long he had held onto the engagement ring:


22. When Pam held up this note and it made you believe in love again:

23. When they made THESE faces at each other:


24. When Pam told Jim when she knew she liked him and it was goddamn adorable:

25. When Jim said that Pam was everything and we all raised our standards by a ton:

26. And basically every single time they have ever interacted with one another because they are the ultimate OTP.

** starts sobbing **