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19 Jokes All Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

"That's what." —She

1. This frustrated pirate:

2. This presentation of the word "welcome":

3. This period joke:

4. This new take on the "That's what she said" joke:

5. This unfortunate situation at McDonald's:

6. This classic bar joke:

7. This perfect depiction of punctuation:

8. This grilling joke:

9. This special form of dinosaur:

10. This very accurate pro/con list:

11. This perfect answer to a common question:

12. This historical goody:

13. This perfect knock-knock joke:

14. This flawless comeback to a pickup line:

15. This pronoun joke:

16. This joke about dating:

17. These reactions to the "alarmed" door:

18. This quintessential "walked into a bar" joke:

19. And this very adjective sentiment: