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19 Things You Did On Facebook In The '00s That You Wouldn't Do Now

Favorite quote: "Live, laugh, love."

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1. Spending hours searching for the perfect Bumper Sticker to send to your friend.

2. Putting life-changing lyrics into your "favorite quotes."

3. And writing your bio in the most mmeaningfull wwayy ppossiblee.

abisnailxo / Via

4. Poking your friend 500 times because you were bored AF.

5. Writing 100-question notes as if anyone else cared what your favorite color was.

6. Starting every single update with "is..."

@tatianaplatt / Via Twitter: @tatianaplatt

7. And then updating that status every time a thought entered your brain.

@markbean / Via Twitter: @markbean

8. Coming up with some random-ass job because you most definitely were not employed.

Pablo Valdivia

9. Tagging 400 different people to show off just how many friends you had.

10. And just plain tagging pretty much anything else you could get your hands on.

11. Changing your school to Hogwarts 'cause you never let the magic die.

Pablo Valdivia

12. Saying you're in a complicated relationship with your bestie because you were both so "silly."

Pablo Valdivia

13. Or just plain changing your relationship status so you could stir up some drama.

14. Adding your group of friends as family members: sisters, cousins, mom.

Pablo Valdivia

15. Using the "mobile upload" feature just to let everyone know you had a smartphone.

16. Posting shit no one would like and never even caring...

17. ...while simultaneously posting statuses where you begged people to like them.

18. Joining weird groups because they were actually funny at one point.

rob_harding / Via

19. And finally, having entire conversations back and forth on each other's walls instead of calling one another.

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