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17 Things Women With Endometriosis Are Tired Of Explaining

"You don't look sick." WELL, I AM.

1. Exactly what endometriosis is.

2. Why you don't "look sick."

3. And of course, why you're sick again and again.

4. Why "just taking Midol" doesn't work.

5. Why you can't just suck it up, take a Midol during your period, and keep working like everyone else.

6. Why you keep having the same surgery.

7. Why you've been on some form of contraceptive for years now.

8. Why you don't want to have sex.

9. That it's not just a "bad period."

10. That it causes extreme emotional pain on top of physical pain.

11. Why you might be having trouble getting pregnant.

12. Why you no longer eat gluten or red meat.

13. Why no one should ever say "it could be worse" to you again.

14. That the condition effects every woman differently.

15. That it's incredibly common in women, but that still doesn't mean people take it seriously.

16. That it's NOT in your head.

17. And that there isn't a cure.