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15 Things Twentysomething Taylor Swift Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Haters gonna hate, I'm just gonna shake it off.

1. "Only 13-year-old girls listen to that stuff."


And me. Bye.

2. "She's emotional."

MTV / Via

Most humans are.

3. "She's boy crazy."

Hub / Via


4. "She's whiny." / Via

Yet you're whining about her right meow. Weird how that works out.

5. "She's a sellout." / Via

Until you've walked a mile in Taylor's Keds, you shouldn't speculate.

6. "She sings about the same things over and over again."

NBC / Via

And I dance and sing along them to over and over again.

7. "She throws guys under the bus." / Via

To be honest, they probably deserve it.

8. "She's immature." / Via

I prefer the term "fun."

9. "Her music isn't even good." / Via

She was named Billboard's highest-earning artist, so, like, it appears to be good to the millions of people who buy it.

10. "She's so dramatic."

CBS / Via

Probably, but so am I while listening to her music in the shower, so it evens out.

11. "She's fake."

SIN12 / Via

Ohhhhhh, do you know her pretty well?

12. "Aren't you a little old to be listening to songs about crushes?"

13. "I thought you were better than that." / Via

You thought wrong. :/

14. "She's not even a good singer." / Via

I beg to differ. Also, neither am I, but I still sing. WHAT ARE YOU, THE SINGING POLICE?!?

15. "I can't take a Taylor Swift fan seriously."


Cool. BYE!

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