15 Things Twentysomething Taylor Swift Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Haters gonna hate, I’m just gonna shake it off.

1. “Only 13-year-old girls listen to that stuff.”

And me. Bye.

2. “She’s emotional.”

Most humans are.

3. “She’s boy crazy.”


4. “She’s whiny.”

Yet you’re whining about her right meow. Weird how that works out.

5. “She’s a sellout.”

Until you’ve walked a mile in Taylor’s Keds, you shouldn’t speculate.

6. “She sings about the same things over and over again.”

And I dance and sing along them to over and over again.

7. “She throws guys under the bus.”

To be honest, they probably deserve it.

8. “She’s immature.”

I prefer the term “fun.”

9. “Her music isn’t even good.”

She was named Billboard’s highest-earning artist, so, like, it appears to be good to the millions of people who buy it.

10. “She’s so dramatic.”

Probably, but so am I while listening to her music in the shower, so it evens out.

11. “She’s fake.”

SIN12 / Via fanpop.com

Ohhhhhh, do you know her pretty well?

12. “Aren’t you a little old to be listening to songs about crushes?”


13. “I thought you were better than that.”

You thought wrong. :/

14. “She’s not even a good singer.”

I beg to differ. Also, neither am I, but I still sing. WHAT ARE YOU, THE SINGING POLICE?!?

15. “I can’t take a Taylor Swift fan seriously.”


Cool. BYE!

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