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22 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Bitchface

This IS my happy face.

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1. People have been asking you if you're OK since you could barely walk.

Because you came straight outta the womb with resting bitchface.

2. You TRY to make a joke but everyone takes it way too seriously because they can't tell if you're joking.

Guys. C'mon.

3. People hug you for absolutely no reason because they assume you're having a terrible day.

Screen Gems

Thanks? I guess.

4. And you'll have at least three texts a day showing concern for your overall well-being.

20th Century Fox


5. You have no idea what you ACTUALLY look like until you look in a mirror.

What a beautiful da — *sees self in mirror* — ugh...

6. People ask you to smile so you try to but end up scaring them even more.



7. When something good happens to your friend, people tend to think you're not happy for them.


You should see how excited I am in my mind.

8. It's hard to make new friends, because everyone thought you'd be a bitch when they first saw you.

At least you're being honest...

At least you're being honest...

9. And you know you've truly become friends with someone if they can tell when you're ACTUALLY upset.

It's true friendship love.

10. Because all of your emotions pretty much look the same, TBH.

At least you'd be good at poker.

11. You try to pose for cute photos with your friends and end up just throwing out your bitchface without even meaning to.

"That girl in the middle looks like a bitch."

12. You are fully prepared, at all times, to answer a million questions about your current state of mind.

GUYS, I get it.

13. Your face does its own thing when people tell you to smile...

...and it's not pretty.

14. There comes a time in your life when you begin to question every single face that you make.

Awkward smile or bitchy face?

15. All of your photo IDs are a good reminder that you constantly look upset.

"Must have been mad the day this was taken, huh?"

No. That's just my face.

16. People have compared you to a cat more times than you can count.


17. You have asked strangers to take your picture on vacation before and they've repeatedly asked you to smile.

But....but I AM smiling?

18. People insist on throwing you parties then get confused when it seems like you're having a terrible time.

When really you were feeling SO thankful and happy.

19. Social media serves as a gentle reminder that you have a resting bitchface.

TY Tumblr.

20. You have trouble flirting because the person you are flirting with pretty much always assumes you hate them.

Plz don't leave!! I actually like you!!

Plz don't leave!! I actually like you!!

21. People tend to assume you're judgmental, and it gets incredibly frustrating.

"That face?"

22. But in the long run, if you think about it, you have a great poker face and will be wrinkle-free for a long time.

Keep calm and resting bitch on.

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