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29 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Have Big Boobs

I didn't choose the big-boob life; it chose me.

1. You'll have matter what.

2. Hugging becomes pretty awkward because your boobs reach the person before your arms do.

3. You grasp yourself anytime you run up stairs, or down stairs.

4. You lose food in your boobs.

5. You have to get very creative when at the beach.

6. Seat belts will try to choke you.

7. Boob sweat will accompany you wherever you go.

8. People may ask if your boobs are real.

9. Your shopping experience will be a little limited.

10. You'll definitely have an embarrassing moment at work when you try to look nice and your buttons pop open.

11. People will tell you to "put them away."

12. Your nipples will definitely try to poke their heads out and explore.

13. You're bound to injure yourself.

14. Putting on a sports bra is essentially a workout in itself.

15. And speaking of working out, you'll need AT LEAST three bras.

16. You won't always spill things on yourself, but when you do... it will be on your boobs.

17. You'll have nightmares about having to run away from something chasing you because you won't be able to.

18. You will have permanent indents in your shoulders from bras struggling to hold up your boobs.

19. And you'll always be able to subtract several pounds from the scale on account of your boobs.

20. You won't be able to jump for joy, or really jump at all.

21. Your bra underwire will try to murder you.

22. Exercise in all forms becomes questionable.

23. And when you go out to eat, you'll request a table as opposed to a booth to avoid the inevitable.

24. As soon as you lie on your back, you'll lose sight of the TV.

25. And you'll have to reevaluate your entire financial state after buying a bra.

26. You have to be careful wearing long necklaces because they will be lost FoReVeR in your boobs.

27. And your bras are so big, you can find lots of uses for them.

28. The whole "built-in bra" feature will make you laugh until you cry.

29. You'll buy cute new shoes, but never get to actually admire them.

And you'll complain about your boobs and the problems they give you, but you can't imagine not having big boobs.