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    17 Things That Happen When You Leave Your Hometown

    There's no place like home… except the new place you move.

    1. People will ask you why you're leaving.

    2. And then, just as quickly, they'll ask you when you are moving back.

    3. People won't understand your need to get out, and will criticize you for it.

    4. People will claim jealousy and say they wish they could leave.

    5. And every time you talk to someone from home, you'll get the same questions over and over again.

    6. You'll visit and become nostalgic.

    7. Then the next day, you'll remember why you left.

    8. People will insist on always seeing you as the person you were in high school.

    9. You will start to communicate with old friends solely through Instagram likes.

    10. You'll realize that you have a certain affinity and pride for your hometown, but that it is no longer your "home."

    11. People that haven't talked to you in YEARS will suddenly contact you.

    12. And similarly, people will constantly tell you about their sister's friend's cousin who ALSO lives in whatever city you're living in.

    13. You will find yourself missing the sounds that used to drive you insane.

    14. And you will quickly realize that you couldn't possibly care less about the small town gossip any longer.

    15. You will feel as if you have two different lives.

    16. Going back to visit will never feel quite the same.

    17. And while you may be happy to visit, at the end of the day, you know you made the right decision.