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19 Things You Could Buy Instead Of A College Education

An island!

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We all know that college in the United States is expensive. I mean, really expensive. And no one can *actually* afford it, right? RIGHT?!?!? Please say yes. We decided to see just what all you could buy with the money you spent on college.


The average tuition cost of public institutions is $9,139 per year, without room and board. But unfortunately, most of us attend for more than one year. For the money you spend on one year of college you could also buy the following:

3. The cost to professionally publish a book.


Price: $6,000

8. At least 70 shares in Apple.*


Price: $127.75

*Depending on pricing at the time

10. A five-month trip around the world.


Price: Trip around the world costs ~$2,000 a month, per person.

But not all of us go to a public institution. Therefore, the average tuition cost of private nonprofit institution is $31,231, excluding room and board. For the money you spend on one year of school you could also buy the following:

16. About four acres of farmland.


Average price of an acre of farmland: $8,700

17. Your dream wedding.


Average price of a wedding in the U.S.: $25,000

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