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26 Moments That No '90s Kid Will Ever Get Over

RIP Mufasa.

1. When Britney and Justin broke up.

2. When your gel pens ran out of gel.

3. When the vacuum swallowed your Polly Pockets.

4. When Mufasa died.

5. When people ruined these by pointing out the sexual innuendoes.

6. When this happened to your favorite VHS.

7. When NSYNC stopped making music.

8. When school lunches changed and became more “healthy.”

9. When you tried Sun In and your hair didn't look at all like what it was supposed to.

10. The entire second VHS tape of Titanic.

11. When your friends had a cell phone like this and you were still calling people on your landline.

12. When you got your braces' rubber band colors changed only to find out that someone else had the EXACT SAME COLORS.

13. When someone already had the AOL Instant Messenger screen name you wanted.

14. Just Furbies in general.

15. When your teacher caught you passing notes and forced you to read it out loud to the class.

16. When people had 3D Doritos for lunch and you had lame Lay's.

17. When your hacky sack got a hole in it and the filling slowly started to leak out all over the place.

18. When your NeoPet was dying of hunger...for months.

19. When you showed your friends this cool trick and they ALREADY knew about it.

20. When you bit into your candy necklace and tasted the string.

21. When everyone had a pair of these except for you.

22. When your floppy disk ran out of space.

23. When you bit into your Ring Pop and the whole thing shattered and forced you to eat it all at once.

24. When you gave your classmate a quarter for a colorful Elmer's Glue bookmark and they never gave you one.

25. When it came time to buy school supplies and the store was out of the Lisa Frank folder you wanted.

26. And the absolute horror when your Beanie Baby's tag got bent.

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