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32 Problems All Tall Girls Will Understand

"Wow, you're tall!" Shut up.

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1. People telling you that you're tall.

No. Freaking. Way?!?!?!

2. People asking how tall you are.

Do I even know you?
Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment

Do I even know you?

3. People asking you if you play basketball or volleyball.

Just because I'm tall doesn't mean I'm athletic, OK?

4. People asking how the weather is "up there."


5. Trying to find jeans that aren't capri pants.


6. Trying to find a dress that isn't actually a shirt.

The struggle is real.

7. People comparing you to a giraffe.

Never heard that one before!

8. Trying to find a maxi dress that actually touches the ground.

Nearly impossible.

9. Seeing guys carry their girlfriends.

It just doesn't really work out that well.
Flickr: mikeyloveswomen / Via Creative Commons

It just doesn't really work out that well.

10. Trying to look in mirrors.

Via \

Where's my head?

11. Being judged for wearing heels.

Everyone stares. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?
Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment

Everyone stares. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?

12. Airplane seats.

I'll give you $20 if you let me sit in the emergency exit. PLEASE. This isn't fair.

13. Trying to sit at a desk.

I just want to cross my legs.

14. Getting your head cut off in pictures.

Forever without a forehead. :(

15. Trying to rock the romper look.

It never works. It ends up becoming serious booty shorts or extreme camel toe. Shit is not cute.

16. Trying to relax in the bathtub.

Was this bathtub made for a child?

17. Tiny-ass bathroom stalls.

Oh, hey, everyone, sorry for the awkward eye contact.

18. Trying to take a selfie.

My arm hurts.

19. Standing next to your short friends.

I'm not even wearing heels. :(

20. Low ceilings.

This is the reason for bad posture.

21. When a potential date drops the number 5 in a conversation.

Well, it was nice knowing you. :(

22. Trying to wear long-sleeve shirts.

The wrists are always showing.

23. Feeling as if you always have to wear flats.

And still being taller than everyone in the room.

24. When people constantly ask you to reach for things.

Ugh, get a ladder.

25. Worrying that you will crush anyone you sit on, lean against, or stand next to.

Please, don't ask me to sit on your lap.

26. The awkward knee bend necessary to fit in photos.

Please hurry and snap the picture.

27. Having to wear undershirts.

Rocking crop tops since '93.

28. Running into lamps.

Stop laughing. That hurt.

29. Trying to wash your hair when the showerhead is shorter than you are.

Thank god for dry shampoo.
Andrea Isabel / Via Twitter: @Andrea_Isabel17

Thank god for dry shampoo.

30. Trying to hug.

Annnnnnnd that's my boob in your face.

31. Getting a pedicure and literally never fitting in the chair.

Can't hear a word the pedicurist is saying because they are now so far away.

32. And when anyone shorter than 5'10" talks about being tall.

Paramount Pictures / Via

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