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23 Things Tall Girls Won't Ever Say

Thanks for letting me know that I'm tall!

1. "I don't mind sitting in the backseat of the car."

2. "I found a maxi dress that touches the floor when I wear it."

3. "I love wearing rompers."

4. "Shopping for jeans is really easy!"

5. "Thanks for letting me know that I'm tall."

6. "I've never hit my head on a lamp."

7. "I don't feel weird at all when I stand next to my short friends."

8. "I have no problem fitting in showers."

9. "And I definitely don't have a problem fitting in bathtubs!"

10. "I'll just stand up straight for this photo!"

11. "My favorite part of traveling is being on the airplane."

12. "I don't mind being compared to a giraffe at all."

13. "I find it hilarious when people ask me how the weather is up here."

14. "I don't really mind if the person I'm trying to date only reaches my shoulder."

15. "My wrists are never exposed when I wear long-sleeve shirts."

16. "It's always super easy to see myself in mirrors."

17. "I think it's great that I can see over the bathroom stall when I'm trying to pee!"

18. "I think it's awesome when short girls go after really tall guys!"

19. "Being asked if I play basketball never gets old."

20. "I love when people comment on the fact that I'm wearing high heels!"

21. "I hate it when people I'm into are over 6 ft."

22. "I usually have to stand on my tippie toes to kiss people."

23. "It doesn't really bother me when people tell me I'm blocking their view."