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    21 Things Only People Who Went To Summer Camp Will Understand

    You always wanted s'more.

    1. That you still have an intense craving for camp food and you can't explain why.

    2. That you still know all the choreography to every dance 10 years later.

    3. That you are forever haunted by the repetitive campfire songs.

    4. That you now have an insane amount of connections as an adult.

    5. That when you look back on your life, most of your favorite memories are from a two month period.

    6. That you have an inexplicable bond between you and your camp friends.

    7. That you have the ability to change in front of basically anyone thanks to communal showers.

    8. That you sometimes still imagine hearing the wake up call in your sleep.

    9. That one of your greatest accomplishments was when you passed the swim test.

    10. That you STILL fantasize about what it would be like to be the object of affection for the camp hottie.

    11. That the greatest apprehension you have ever felt was when someone new showed up to camp.

    12. That you can barely remember your own address, but you'll never forget the address of your camp.

    13. That movie night at camp was the BEST night.

    14. That you still have a ridiculous amount of scars from years of bug bites.

    15. That you've probably never had more fun than playing card games with your bunk.

    16. That you have never been more jealous than you were when someone's birthday was during camp.

    17. That you'll never forget the feeling you had when you were told you got mail.

    18. That you totally understand how swimming in a lake is greatly superior to pools.

    19. That you always brought several t-shirts to camp for the sole purpose of trading with friends.

    20. That you still can't get rid of your friendship bracelets even though they are faded and frayed.

    21. And, most of all, that you still tear up every time you think about the last night of camp.