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25 Things Only Girls Who Are Always Tired Will Understand

I've got designer bags...under my eyes.

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1. Your idea of a shopping spree is for new bedding, because you know you'll use those way more than any clothing you get.

2. You're a crazy cat lady in the sense that you would have a pet cat to use as a warm, furry pillow.

3. Your idea of romance is flowers AND a pillow.

4. If you ever take a selfie, it's definitely of you being exhausted.

Because you ALWAYS are.

5. And basically you can't wear lipstick, because you have to drink coffee throughout the day.

6. You're just like Harriet the Spy when it comes to searching out new ways to catch some z's.

A laptop? WHY NOT??

7. The bags under your eyes are more chic than a Prada bag.

8. You can sleep anywhere, anytime.

9. Your idea of a perfect relationship is someone who thinks you're STUNNING when you yawn.

Because you yawn 90% of the time.

10. And you're honestly just looking for someone to hang out with you while lying in bed.

And take infinite naps.

11. All of your Snapchats pretty much look the same; you, half asleep.

12. You've kissed about a million coffee frogs until you found the perfect frog coffee combination that made you feel like a true PRINCESS.

Dear iced double-shot Caramel Macchiato, will you marry me?

13. You could 100% sleep past noon every single day.

And sometimes do.

14. When you have a slumber party with your friends, it's all slumber, no party.

15. You've set it up so that you pretty much don't have to leave your bed.

16. Basically, you do everything from the comfort of your bed.

Painting nails? Check. Plucking eyebrows? Yep.

17. You've literally never woken up BEFORE your alarm.

18. Your everyday makeup is accompanied by pillow creases.

19. You pretty much only carry a purse to use it as a pillow.

20. Your entire day revolves around when you will have time to nap.

21. Your idea of a great workout is sleeping.

22. Because you know if you ever tried to take up something like yoga, you would fall asleep right on the mat.

23. Having girls' night basically means lying in bed with your friends, taking turns yawning.

24. People sometimes ask you if you're PMSing and you're like, "No I'm just tired."

...Like every other day.

25. And basically, sleeping is your favorite part of life.

And that will never change.

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