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35 Things Americans Need Australians To Explain Immediately

Why do you say "cunt" so much???

1. What's with the fake Target?

2. Why do you call french fries "chips"...?

3. And just what exactly are "original salted" Doritos?

Dean Nye / Via Twitter: @Dean_Nye

4. Why do you say cunt so much?

5. And why do you call Sprite "lemonade"?

6. Uh???

7. What's with the whole McDonald's = Macca's thing?

8. And uh... what's with the drink sizes??

9. Just what are you trying to do by making your coffees so damn small?

10. Do you actually like the taste of Vegemite because... I don't believe you?

11. What is the difference between Coles and Woolworths?

12. Why are you so chill about spiders?


Literally screaming just finding this picture.

13. How in the world does ANYONE afford buying alcohol?

14. Why do you MEASURE YOUR SHOTS????

MTV / Via

Very rude, tbh.

15. Do you actually eat kangaroo?

16. Why don't I ever see anyone drinking Foster's?

FOX / Via

17. What's wrong with your Netflix?

18. What is your obsession with bagged wine?

19. What does "bogan" mean and should I start using it?


20. WHY WON'T YOU GIVE ME MORE THAN A LITTLE CUP OF KETCHUP? And why do I have to pay for extra????

21. Is chicken salt actually made from chickens or...?

22. Who is Jack and why is he so hungry?

23. Why are your birds so damn loud?

24. Why don't you use hot dog buns?

25. Where's the uh... where's the applicator with your Tampons?

26. Why do you have so many "millionaire" shows?


27. And what's with your ice cream being called "Gaytime"...?

28. What's the deal with quokkas and do people have them as pets? And if so, CAN I???

29. What's a "chemist"? Like, do they have chemical experiments going on inside?


30. What's "Yum Cha"? Is that a music festival?


31. What's up with the internet being SO SLOW that it takes approximately five years to load a Vine?

32. Why do you call all candy "lollies"... why not just lollipops?

33. What exactly is "unnecessary horn use" and why are police targeting it???

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

34. Why did my Subway sandwich artist refer to "lettuce" as "salad"...?

35. I got nothing.