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    21 Things Every Travel Addict Needs In Their Apartment Immediately

    The urge to travel never stops.

    1. Light up your life with this vintage map-covered lampshade.

    2. Store your passport in this swanky case with a quote that pretty much sums up your life.

    3. Instill wanderlust onto everyone who enters your home with this wooden decoration.

    4. Or daydream about your next adventure while admiring this wall art.

    5. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in this mug, made for a travel addict.

    6. Go to sleep dreaming of your next adventure while resting your head on this wanderlust pillow.

    7. Or inspire all your house guests to travel the world with this decorative throw pillow.

    8. Know that it is always time to travel with this vintage map-covered clock.

    9. Use this wall decor to help you dedicate an entire wall to your travel obsession.

    10. Or keep track of where you've been... and where you still need to go with this push-pin map.

    11. Fill your home with the scent of wanderlust aroma with this candle.

    12. Make your shower a vacation destination with this adorable world map shower curtain.

    13. Use this custom made map frame to celebrate your snapshots of your favorite vacation spots.

    14. Decorate your light switch with this hand-painted world map cover.

    15. Invest in these curtains that enable you to see the entire world outside through your window.

    16. Spin this globe and land on your next destination.

    17. Customize your dressers with these passport stamped knobs.

    18. Use this map decorated hook to hang up your favorite belongings.

    19. Make any room a little bit more travel-themed with this print.

    20. Drink your favorite cocktail without the fear of ruining your coffee table thanks to these map-themed coasters.

    21. And use this GPS-themed door mat to always welcome you back home.