35 Things Every Teen Girl In The ’00s Was Obsessed With

Calling all Marissa Cooper wannabes.

1. The perfection that is Marissa Cooper.

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images Entertainment

And her PERFECT beach waves.

2. The album Confessions by Usher.

Arista Records

We were ALMOST on Usher’s side.

3. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on The Simple Life.

Frazier Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment


4. Everything Juicy Couture, especially the sweats.

Flickr: partycupcakeideas / Via Creative Commons

Hoping you could one day afford them.

5. Writing about your dramatic life in your Xanga or LiveJournal.

The ORIGINAL subtweet.

6. Making screen names that involved XO or your crush’s initials.

And crafting the PERFECT away message for when your crush came online.

“Omg craziest night EVER with muh girls!!!! Leave it. XOXOX”

7. This ICONIC couple.

The CW


8. Wearing Von Dutch hats.

Flickr: kenu / Via Creative Commons

And having literally no idea what Von Dutch even is.

9. Dressing up as Hermione for the movie premieres of Harry Potter.

Warner Bros. Studios

10. Changing your Myspace song according to your mood.

Got in a fight with your boyfriend? * Changes song to “S I N G L E” *

11. The pink Razr.

Flickr: rashdan / Via Creative Commons


12. Texting your crush, using T9.


“What r u doin”

“nm lol u?”

“same lol soo bored”


13. Graphic tees, especially from Aeropostale.

  • Insert motivational quote on T-shirt *

14. Wearing clothing with THIS MOOSE.

Flickr: joshpuetz / Via Creative Commons

Abercrombie 4 eva.

15. And, of course, clothing with this seagull.

Flickr: thebombdotcom / Via Creative Commons

$49 for a thin sweater seemed TOO LEGIT.

16. Rocking the heck out of your flare jeans.

Flickr: lovemaegan / Via Creative Commons

The flare-ier the better.

17. Trying to be more “punk” like Ashlee Simpson.

Matthew Peyton / Getty Images Entertainment

18. The BIBLE aka YM magazine.

YM Magazine

It just GOT you.

19. Getting highlights to look like ~Jessica.~

Jason Kirk / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Her strands were SO fetch.

20. Quoting Mean Girls, all the time, always.

Paramount Pictures


21. Sneaking into chat rooms with your friends.

And asking everyone “A/S/L”

22. Wearing a lace camisole under every single shirt, ever.

The longer, the better.

23. Rocking mocassin slip ons with colored socks.

24. And ALL the belts with tons of holes in them.

25. Wearing Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing.

Flickr: nycarthur / Via Creative Commons

Especially any articles of clothing that had butt print.

26. Watching Room Raiders, and being extra clean just in case you were ever on it.


27. Downloading Ashanti’s latest hits on LimeWire or FrostWire.

And probably getting at least seven viruses from it.

28. Referring to your friends as “Tina” and telling them to eat their food during lunch.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

29. Sequined purses.

Flickr: embroiderizer / Via Creative Commons

The more sequins, the better.

30. Decorating your cell with phone charms and rinestones.

Flickr: rakka / Via Creative Commons

31. Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

Flickr: gomattolson / Via Creative Commons

Or more accurately, dreaming about Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

32. Watching Laguna Beach and living for the insane ups and downs that WAS Stephen and Kristin.


33. And then, almost immediately after,The Hills, because obviously.


34. Dreaming about Dooney and Bourke bags.

Must. Have. The. D. B.

35. And saying “ya nasty” just like Raven in That’s So Raven.

Walt Disney Channel


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