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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Jul 28, 2014

31 Things All ’00s Girls Are Still Trying To Get Over

RIP Nick and Jessica's relationship.

1. Literally every single moment in A Walk to Remember.

Warner Bros. Studios

::Starts bawling just thinking about it::

2. When your FAVORITE from American Idol got voted off.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment

Where is the justice in this world?!?

3. Someone already having the screen name you wanted.


WHO HAS XoHugsNKisses4u? I will find them.

4. Or someone already using your Hotmail email address.

Microsoft / Via is already taken. So you settled for And you're still a little miffed.

5. When your favorite CD got scratches and skipped through the best songs.

Flickr: cesar-pics / Via Creative Commons

6. When basically everyone had this phone except for you.

Flickr: lisaconnolly / Via Creative Commons

7. And when you realized that no other cell phone would ever have the battery life that your first cell phone did.

Flickr: adrianblack / Via Creative Commons

8. When someone had the EXACT same rubber band colors as you.

Flickr: grill / Via Creative Commons

9. When Stephen kept choosing Kristin over LC.


What was he actually thinking?

10. And then when LC decided to forgive Jason.



11. When Nick and Jessica broke up.

Robert Mora / Getty Images Entertainment

And their wonderful TV show ended.

12. When your crush called and your PARENTS answered.


Worst. Nightmare.

13. When your mood ring stayed the same color all the time causing you to question EVERYTHING.

Flickr: rubygirlcreations / Via Creative Commons

14. When Michael and Mia from The Princess Diaries didn't stay together.

Walt Disney Pictures

Yeah's fine...just break our hearts...

15. When Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off air.



16. When you realized there were no Aaron Samuels look-alikes at your school.

Paramount Pictures

Because his hair looked so sexy pushed back.

17. And to make things worse, when you did your hair it never looked like Gretchen's.

Paramount Pictures

No matter how hard you tried.

18. When a virus from Limewire or Frostwire ruined your computer.

Scott Gries / Getty Images Entertainment

Just trying to download some J.Lo, ugh.

19. When something went wrong and it messed up the recording of your favorite show on VHS.

Flickr: frarochvia / Via Creative Commons

20. When the newest Harry Potter movie came out and totally didn't include your favorite part from the book.

Warner Bros. Pictures

21. When Marissa from The O.C. died.



22. That your town wasn't exactly like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls.


23. When TRL went off the air.

Scott Gries / Getty Images Entertainment

Well now what am I supposed to do after school?

24. That you were not actually Veronica Mars, solving mysteries in your free time.


25. When Lucas basically denied his love for Peyton for, like, half the show.



26. When Bath and Body Works discontinued your favorite scent.

Flickr: urbndork / Via Creative Commons

27. That no one ever showed up on your doorstep with a sign like in Love Actually.

Universal Pictures

28. The absolute TERROR you felt that when watching any of the Final Destination films.

New Line Cinema

NOTE TO SELF: Do not cheat death or drive behind semis with logs.

29. And the nightmares that you sometimes STILL have about this chick.

Dreamworks Pictures

::Hides under covers::

30. When Dawson's Creek ended.

The WB

And Joey went on to marry Tom Cruise...


31. And, of course, this couple's relationship and the effects it had on your emotional well-being.

New Line Cinema

It wasn't over. It still isn't over.

::sobs dramatically::

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