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    23 Things Colts Fans Know To Be True

    Believe in blue.

    1. March 7, 2012 was one of the hardest days of your life.


    We'll never forget you, Peyton.

    2. You know that Pat McAfee has one of the best tackles in the league.

    NBC / Via

    Way more than just a punter.

    3. You cheer for any team playing the New England Patriots.


    Tom Brady = cry baby.

    4. Speaking of which, you love Adam Vinatieri but you still feel unsure on the inside because he used to play for New England.

    Andy Lyons / Via Getty Images

    Everybody makes mistakes...

    5. You fully support Peyton and the Broncos...when they're not playing the Colts.

    Justin Edmonds / Via Getty Images


    6. You've never been more impressed with your fan base than you were during CHUCKSTRONG.

    Colts / Via

    We love you, Chuck.

    7. You cried when the cheerleaders shaved their heads.

    The Indy Channel / ABC 6 / Via

    Such a beautiful moment.

    8. And you bought a CHUCKSTRONG bracelet.

    Mona Miller / Via

    And wore it proudly.

    9. You fully support neck beards.


    Or maybe just his.

    10. You still wear your Manning jersey and always will.


    Once a Colt, always a Colt.

    11. You now believe in good luck.

    Via Getty Images

    Keep calm and believe in luck.

    12. You or someone you know owns this shirt.

    Naptown Tees / Via

    We'll never forget, Pat.

    13. You have great respect for the Boomstick.

    Jonathan Daniel / Via Getty Images


    14. You can't have a pet unless it has a Colts jersey for game day.

    Denise Fosnaugh

    What's the point of having a pet without one?

    15. You've tried to memorize what all of Peyton Manning's random phrases mean.



    16. You wear blue every Friday...sometimes even in the offseason out of habit.

    USATSI / Via

    We bleed blue.

    17. You kind of miss the RCA Dome.


    Such good memories.

    18. But now you wake up on game day and check the weather to see if the roof will be open.


    And you feel super special if you're at a game when it's open.

    19. When you are reminiscing about a guy named Crockett, you're referring to a stud rookie RB, not the guy on Miami Vice.

    The Indianapolis Star / Via

    We'll never forget those three seasons.

    20. You love the Hurst Bean Company parking lot and Blue Crew Lot for tailgating.

    Denise Fosnaugh

    Rain or shine, we're there.

    21. When you wash your face, the sink turns blue.



    22. You can't say playoffs without thinking of Jim Mora.

    23. And you will always believe in blue no matter how rough the season is.

    Brian Spurlock / Via http://U.S. Presswire

    Always and forever.

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