17 Problems All Naturally Skinny People Will Understand

Yes, everyone, I eat.

1. Being told that you need to eat something.

I eat…all the time.

2. Being told that it isn’t fair that you’re so skinny.

I literally have no control over this.

3. Being told that you look like you have an eating disorder.

Not funny.

4. Being told that you look like a bag of bones.

Again, not funny.

5. Being told that being skinny is unattractive.

So is being MEAN.

6. People telling you that they can see your ribs.

Rolling Stone / Via noisey.vice.com

And what would you like me to do about that, exactly?

7. When you arrive somewhere and most of the food is gone because the people there “didn’t think you would eat much.”


8. When you can’t fit into adult clothing so you resort to shopping in the kids’ section…in your twenties.

At least it’s cheaper, I guess.

9. When people ask you why you are working out.

Because I want to be healthy?

10. Not being able to gain weight no matter what you do.

It’s not as if we aren’t trying.

11. People constantly asking if you’re OK because they are worried about your appearance.

I’m fine, just thinking about food.

12. People joking that you’ll blow away in the wind.

Walt Disney Studios / Via justanotheroddmedicalstudent.tumblr.com


13. People comparing you to a twig.

That’s a litttttlllleee dramatic.

14. People grabbing your wrists to emphasize how small they are.

I know, I see them every day.

15. People suggesting that you aren’t allowed to have insecurities about your appearance because you’re skinny.

If only that was how it worked.

16. People wanting to watch you eat, just to “make sure.”

I promise you that I eat, literally all the time.

17. And people insisting on picking you up only to comment on how light you are.

20th Century Fox

Please put me down.

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