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These Photos Of The "Orange Is The New Black" Cast Before They Were Famous Are Perfect

Adorable is the new black.

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1. John Bennett, lookin' fly as hell.

2. Daya, with the cutest smile around.

3. Flaca Gonzales, rocking the shit out of a paper boy hat.

4. Taystee, the original D I V A.

5. Poussey, rockin' pig tails.

6. Big Boo, looking dapper in a collared school uniform.

7. Tiffany aka Pennsatucky, with all teeth intact.

8. Alex Vause, with RED HAIR.

9. Suzanne aka Crazy Eyes, with just straight adorable eyes.

10. Nichols, the original hipster.

11. Red, looking fierce as usual.

12. Natalie Figueroa, rocking that '80s hair.

13. Leanne, displaying the perfect bangs.

14. Polly, demonstrating a model attitude.

15. Maritza Ramos, rocking a tiara and a boss bitch demeanor.

16. Maria Ruiz, giving zero f*cks.

17. Susan Fischer, reminding us all of our childhoods.

18. Cindy, teaching us all how to look fabulous in a studded jacket.

19. Brook Soso, with the original resting bitch face.