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    There Is A New Device That Can Help Painful Sex

    It's about damn time.

    Hello, Lara here, and I have vagina problems! Wooh! I am not able to have "traditional" P in the V action because of some conditions I have, which include but are not limited to endometriosis, vaginismus, and vulvodynia.

    And I am *definitely* not alone. In fact, 75% of people will experience painful sex in their lifetime. That's a lot of people.

    So that's why Emily Sauer created the Ohnut, an intimate wearable that is trying to redefine painful sex.

    Sauer, at 33, had quietly endured deep dyspareunia, or painful sex, for over 10 years. And when no doctors offered her a solution to her pain, she decided to create her own.

    So what exactly is Ohnut? It is a device that fits on a penis, which allows customization for penetration depth. So, in other words, it's a bumper of sorts that'll stop the peen from going too deep and causing pain. this baby on the market yet? Not quiiiiite. It's currently in the Kickstarter phase, with a goal of $50,000 by June 14.

    But I think I can speak for anyone who has experienced painful sex with a penis in's about damn time we were given some sort of solution.

    You can learn more about Ohnut by visiting the Kickstarter page.