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25 Munchies People Absolutely Swear By After Smoking Weed

Because food just tastes so much better when you're stoned.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the absolute best thing to eat while high and their answers did not disappoint. If you weren't hungry before, well you probably will be now. Sorry.

1. "Popcorn with browned butter, chili, AND vanilla ice cream is my go-to. It’s salty sweet and spicy...the best of all worlds."

An image of popcorn in a bowl over a yellow background

2. "Grilled cheese with cheddar, bacon, and apple slices. BEST SANDWICH EVER!"


3. "Tortillas filled with stuff. One with mayonnaise and cheese, one with peanut butter, you toast them on the stove (gas burner) and it’s warm and delicious. Perfection."

An image of tortillas rolled with ingredients inside, on top of a stove

4. "Dump a bag of onion-flavored tater tots into a casserole dish and bake until they’re nearly done. Then crack a couple eggs on top, add cheese and salsa verde, and bake until the egg yolks are still slightly runny but everything else is cooked through. Then just eat it straight from the casserole dish. In the past I’ve mixed it up by adding chopped chorizo."


5. "I know I'm weird, but it's so good: cucumbers with everything bagel seasoning."

6. "Dill pickles and gorgonzola cheese. It's really good, I swear!"


7. "Last night, high me made a quesadilla with chicken nuggets stuffed in it lol."

An image of a quesadilla on a plate

8. "This is such a weird thing but a bun with Giardiniera, mayo, and a vegan maple breakfast patty. It’s soft, spicy, crunchy, acidic, fatty, sweet. Just all around delicious. And no, mayo is not vegan. I’m not vegan."


9. "McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce and an orange-flavored Fruitopia."

An image of chicken McNuggets

10. "As a legal MMJ cardholder in my state, I enjoy eating sweet fruits while baked, particularly mango. What is really cool is that mango also has natural terpenes, which can increase or even extend the stoned experience when combined with weed if you eat or drink its juice a while before consuming. I think the terpene that mango has is myrcene. It definitely works!"


11. "Ooooh, people should try Takis but dip them in Sprite first, then eat them. It's SO good even when you're not stoned."

12. "Kettle-cooked salt and vinegar chips with dark chocolate M&M's... Omg."


13. "Froyo or Italian ice. The cold, wet feeling really helps with the cotton mouth but doesn’t make you feel as gross as ice cream can and leaves room for more snacks."

An image of frozen yogurt

14. "Pillsbury sugar cookies and add frosting. Omg dude, I will annihilate an entire batch."


15. "My husband goes to town on the Little Debbie peanut butter chocolate bars. He keeps them in the freezer and that’s his go-to after he smokes to help his arthritis pain. I bake cookies and cakes and pies, but those little bars have his loyalty!"

An image of the little debbie nutty bars

16. "The very first time I got high, I was in Europe and ate delicious crusty bread with brie. Like, stuffed it in my mouth. I specify Europe because even while NOT high, good luck finding that good of bread or that good of cheese in the States haha."


17. "Grilled cheese! The key is to make your own garlic butter spread and use freshly sliced sourdough bread and add a couple presliced pieces of cheddar and piles of shredded mozzarella. Smush everything together and grill until the outside is browned and the inside is molten cheese. Cut DIAGONALLY and dip in ketchup."

An image of grilled cheese

18. "Vanilla yogurt with Froot Loops mixed in, plus a drizzle of maple syrup and a splash of heavy cream. Yes, really..."


19. "Cheez-Its and a pack of pepperoni. I make lil’ sandwiches."

A box of Cheez-Its

20. "Pita pizzas made in the air fryer. You can literally make it to whatever you are craving. My go-to, though, is pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeño."


21. "Caramel Ghirardelli chocolate bars, hands down."

A square of Ghirardelli chocolate

22. "Popcorn with everything bagel seasoning."


23. "Doritos + cheese curds. OMG."

An image of Doritos

24. "A tortilla microwaved (yes microwaved, yes I know that’s an abomination) spread with bean dip, then put hot Cheetos in it...roll that shit up like a burrito...YUM."


25. And finally, "Green pea snack crisps. The texture is so satisfying."

Did we miss anything you think we definitely should be eating next time we're high? Let us know in the comments!