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What's Your Favorite Snack To Eat While Stoned?

Because food just hits differently when you're stoned.

Greetings to all my people who have dabbled in the devil's lettuce (aka weed, aka marijuana, aka cannabis). One of the most relatable and shared experiences of getting stoned is getting some form of the munchies.

So we want to know: what is your go-to snack of choice while stoned of out of your gourd?

I know for me personally, there is nothing that tastes as satisfying to me while high as watermelon. I simply cannot get enough. It's juicy, sweet, with a little bit of a crunch.

An image of watermelon over a blue background

But maybe your snack is a little bit more on the salty side. Doritos dipped in french onion dip, anyone?

An image of Doritos

Or maybe you like to go all out and use your stove to enjoy life's greatest pleasures: baking and cannabis.

Whatever it is that you love to eat while high, let us know in the comments below! Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.