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27 Texts Only Basic Girls Will Understand

I literally can't even rn.

1. When they find a new treat:

2. When they're having a rough morning:

3. When they're making weekend plans:

4. When they make a new discovery:

5. When they're bored:

6. When they're getting into the holiday spirit:

7. When someone makes them mad:

8. When they bake literally anything:

9. When they complain about how tired they are:

10. When they're going out:

11. When their thirst gets the best of them:

12. When they're making plans:

13. When they've had a bad shopping experience:

14. When they're feeling frisky:

15. When they're texting their BFFs:

16. When they're bored at work:

17. When they're being their ~AWKWARD~ selves:

18. When it's Monday:

19. When they're making dinner plans:

20. When they're Instagramming:

21. When they need their true friends:

22. When they're hungry:

23. When they ate too many breadsticks at Olive Garden:

24. When they just DGAF:

25. When they haven't showered yet this morning:

26. When they're spending quality time with their dogs:

27. And when they want to show affection: