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    18 Struggles Every Single Friend Will Understand

    I'm super happy for my friends. ::pours glass of wine::

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    1. You're always the designated photographer of the happy couple.

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    Whether you like it or not.

    2. Your friends constantly ask you for relationship advice.

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    And you're like, "LOL, I'M SINGLE THOUGH..."

    3. But then you give advice like an old sage even though you're definitely not in a relationship and probably have no idea what you're talking about.



    4. Your friends tell you all their relationship struggles, then when it's your turn you're like, "I tried a new pizza place."


    Which is BASICALLY just as exciting.

    5. You have to help plan out dates and pick out presents without actually receiving any of your own.


    "My girlfriend is sooo thoughtful." YEAH HAHA IT WAS ALL HER...

    6. You get frustrated when you make one-on-one plans and they bring their significant other.

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    7. You have to witness baby talk and act like it ain't no thang.


    ::dies inside::

    8. And have to pretend their PDA doesn't even matter.

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    Yes, please continue making out.

    9. Your friends are always setting you up with their single friends.


    And you're always asking them not to.

    10. You immediately glaze over when your friends in relationships suggest a dating app.

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    As if they even understand what it's LIKE out there.

    11. You have to be the proactive one when it comes to making one-on-one plans with your friends.

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    Because being in a relationship means they always have plans.

    12. You don't understand ANY of the fights your coupled friends have because it all seems so complicated.

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    Wait, so, you're fighting about a movie???

    13. Your friends will complain about not getting laid in a month and you’ll be like LOL DON’T EVEN GO THERE.



    14. Your friends will be like, “I can’t believe you’re still single.”


    And you’re like I KNOW, ME EITHER.

    15. Your friends spare no details when they tell you about date nights.

    Fox / Via

    Even though you wish they would...

    16. And because of that, you sometimes forget you're single because you become heavily involved in your friend's relationship.

    Logo / Via

    You know everything.

    17. You've learned to filter your opinions on your friends' significant others.

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    Because you've seen too many couples get BACK together.

    18. And you know that someday, you'll be the friend in a relationship.



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