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24 Smells That Everyone In The Midwest Will Know Too Well

Burnt ladybugs.

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1. The smell of ripe, juicy sweet corn in the summer, ready to for you to devour.

2. The earthy smell of a freshly mowed lawn.

Because most of us actually have lawns.

3. The bitter odor of bug spray AKA your summer perfume.

Keep it away from your mouth at all costs.

4. And then, of course, the potent fragrance of anti-itch cream to save your life when the bug spray doesn't do its job.

5. And the musty smell of calamine lotion when you ventured out into the woods and forgot to cover every inch of your body to protect against poison ivy.

6. The earthy aroma of manure that will never leave your brain and also travels for MILES.

Like, you can still smell it from five years ago.

7. The familiar whiff of sugary fried fair food every summer.


8. And, of course, the stench of the animal stalls at the fair.

A mix of wood, hay, poop, and NOSTALGIA.

9. The sweet, syrupy fragrance of freshly made puppy chow, which makes your mouth water.

Powdered sugar with a hint of peanut butter and definite saliva dripping.

10. The aroma of old corn stalks with a hint of leftover pumpkin, used to create a corn maze in the fall.

11. The warm, hearty smell of a freshly baked hotdish for dinner.

👅 👅

12. The potent smell of burnt ladybugs. They never learn to stay away from lamps.


13. The huge musty whiff you get on the road when you drive past one of these babies.

Always remember to plug your noses.

14. The enticing cheesy and marinara perfume of a piping hot deep dish pizza.


15. And the clean smell of the Styrofoam Polar Pop cup.

The most refreshing sensation in the world.

16. The HEAVENLY, fresh smell of ranch dressing.

Literally any kind will do, but we all have our favorites.

17. And the aroma of freshly picked Morel mushrooms frying in a pan.


18. The milky essence of brand new, locally made cheese.

Is this what Heaven smells like?

19. The earthy smell of pavement after a spring rain shower.

It's honestly indescribable, but you all know what we're talking about.

20. The fragrance of a fresh, woodsy New Glarus at a cookout.


21. The musty smell of corn hole bags, ready to be thrown.

22. The fishy yet airy aroma of a summer day spent at the lake.

23. The earthy essence of dandelions, ready to have their heads popped off.


24. And, basically, the fragrance of it all when you drive around the Midwest with your windows down.

There's nothing better.

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