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25 Things Everyone Who Went To A Small Liberal Arts School Knows To Be True

"Where did you go to school?" Oh, you've never heard of it.

1. It took you a total of 5 minutes to walk across campus.

2. You and your college president were *pretty* tight.

3. All the professors knew you by name.

4. Many athletes played on more than one sports team.

5. You were involved in ALL the clubs.

6. You knew EVERYONE in your major.

7. And you knew basically everyone in your grade.

8. If you had a class size of over 25, you were like, THIS IS TOO DAMN MUCH.

9. You knew the cafeteria cooks by name.

10. And if you went to a sporting event, it was probably for the free T-shirts.

11. The local Goodwill was frequented way more than any department store.

12. Everyone constantly asked what you were planning to do with your degree.

13. You had a class with less than 5 people.

14. Your least favorite part of class was when the 40+ year-old student would ask the professor 57 questions.

15. There were many days where students on campus didn't wear shoes.

16. You felt weird for being home by 10 p.m. on a Saturday, only to find your roommate already asleep.

17. You *CHOSE* to see your professors outside of class.

18. You had to be careful when walking around campus between classes as to not be hit by a frisbee.

19. And you got easily offended if someone was sitting in YOUR spot in the library on a Sunday.

20. You got shamed if you forgot to recycle.

21. There was no shortage of unique clubs to join.

22. People weren't afraid to speak up in class.

23. All your state college friends regularly ridiculed your "tiny school."

24. The coffee shop near campus was ALWAYS filled with your fellow students studying.*

25. And, basically no one has ever heard of your school.