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19 Moments Every Big Family Experiences Each Holiday Season

Time to decide who is going to sit at the kid's table.

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2. When you're super hungry and run to get in the front of the line before you remember that grandma and grandpa go first.

3. The tough decision process of who will be sitting at the kid's table.

5. The defining moment when someone gets up the courage to be the first for seconds.

9. The intense struggle of trying to fit the entire family in just one room.

11. The attempt to corral all the cousins together for a family picture.

15. The inevitable diaster after gift exchange has ended and you can no longer see the floor.

16. The stressful trip to the grocery store before family dinner in an effort to meet everyone's dietary needs.

17. And becoming creative as heck trying to fit all the presents under the tree.

19. And of course, the moment you realize you wouldn't have it any other way.