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    Dec 23, 2014

    19 Moments Every Big Family Experiences Each Holiday Season

    Time to decide who is going to sit at the kid's table.

    1. When you realize that some cousins' S.O. is in attendance but you can’t for the life of you remember which cousin it is.

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    2. When you're super hungry and run to get in the front of the line before you remember that grandma and grandpa go first.

    3. The tough decision process of who will be sitting at the kid's table.

    4. When someone drinks too much wine and starts yelling about politics.

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    Not again, Aunt Cathy...

    5. The defining moment when someone gets up the courage to be the first for seconds.

    6. The pause between dinner and dessert when someone starts telling the classic story about your aunts and uncles as children.


    Never gets old.

    7. The seemingly neverending wait for dessert.


    8. The moment of truth in testing out the intricate gift exchange strategy.


    OK, ages 1-10 pick out of this hat, 10-18 out of this one.

    9. The intense struggle of trying to fit the entire family in just one room.

    10. The moment you realize you haven't even spoken to several people all night because they got lost in the crowd.


    11. The attempt to corral all the cousins together for a family picture.

    12. And then the rush to figure out who is going to take the picture.

    13. The moment of sheer panic when you realize one table has dinner rolls and the other doesn't.


    14. When you're called the same name as your cousins because there's just too many of you to keep track.


    I'm not Julia, but I'll take it.

    15. The inevitable diaster after gift exchange has ended and you can no longer see the floor.

    16. The stressful trip to the grocery store before family dinner in an effort to meet everyone's dietary needs.

    17. And becoming creative as heck trying to fit all the presents under the tree.

    18. The moment it's time to leave and you awkwardly hug every single person in attendance and it ends up taking two hours.

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    19. And of course, the moment you realize you wouldn't have it any other way.

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