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26 Struggles Everyone From A Big Family Will Understand

The more, the crazier.

1. You are well-accustomed to noise.

2. At family get-togethers, it's extremely rare if you are able to talk to every member of the family.

3. You can hardly keep track of everyone's ages and you're truly shocked when you find out your youngest cousin isn't 8 years old anymore.

4. It's absolutely too much to ask for everyone to get Christmas or birthday gifts so you have developed a system.

5. Trying to take a family picture is a chore.

6. When you are with your family, you will have zero alone time.

7. Bringing an S.O. to meet your extended family is a SERIOUS milestone in your relationship.

8. You inherit the reputation of your older cousins, whether it's good or bad.

9. You talk loudly without meaning to.

10. People are always asking you if your family is Catholic.

11. Your grandparents are your freaking heroes.

12. You eat insanely fast.

13. Half your wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs from your family.

14. Making a holiday meal takes a very serious plan of who will bring what.

15. During family get togethers, there were usually multiple kids and adult tables in order to accommodate everyone.

16. You are accustomed to being called one of your cousins' names at every get-together.

17. Everyone is given a list with everyone's contacts and birthdays to make it easier.

18. There is ALWAYS a waiting line for the bathroom.

19. You were or are always making bets to who would marry/have a child first.

20. Trying to travel anywhere together requires multiple cars and lap sitting

21. You have to call seat saves before you vacate knowing it will be immediately stolen otherwise.

22. Sleepovers meant sleeping all over floors because there certainly weren't enough beds.

23. Saying good-bye at the end of a get-together takes a solid hour.

24. Listening to stories from the past NEVER gets old.

25. And as you get older and some move away, you have umpteen places to visit.

26. And at the end of the day, you are one large group of friends.