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19 Signs You Aren't Good At This Makeup Thing

I have no idea what I'm doing.

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1. You tried wearing eye makeup once and it was such a disaster you vowed to never do it again.

2. Because even though you feel like you've done an OK job, it never quite turns out like what you expected.

3. The thought of trying to contour your face is the subject of most of your nightmares.

4. You would be much more interested in makeup if you could eat it.

5. The thought of not being able to full-on rub your eye freaks you out.

6. And you're definitely not trying to clean your face AGAIN after just showering.

Another reason to never wear eye makeup!

7. And you're convinced that lip lining is actually a form of witchcraft.

8. You’ve legitmately considered wearing an eye patch for a day after doing one eye perfectly, and completely messing up the other one.

9. And basically, there's never been any kind of eye makeup trick that you haven't somehow messed up.

It's fine.

11. And your idea of branching out and trying a new look is a new shade of lip gloss.

Ohh ~peony~

12. You have no idea WTF ANY OF THIS IS.

16. You are 100% sure you were just not meant to wear makeup because it just never seems to work out for you.

17. And therefore you have now pledged to always leave it to the professionals from now on.

18. Which is fine because most days it's a struggle to even brush your hair.