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24 Secrets Twentysomethings Will Never Tell You

The future freaks you out.

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1. You still call your parents and ask what to do anytime something goes wrong.

"Hey mom, dad? Yeah, uh, my tire is flat... Oh, I should call Triple AAA? Right."

2. And when you're sick, you legitimately wish you could go to your parents' house to be taken care of.



3. None of us have any idea what we are doing with our lives.


What do you mean by "five year plan?"

4. You buy into every Tinder success story, even though you're 99% sure they're entirely made up.

My friend's cousins' brother's friend found her SOULMATE on Tinder. True story.

5. You consistently pretend to understand your finances all while hoping TurboTax doesn't royally screw you when it comes time for tax season.

**Clicks yes for everything.**

6. Your life on Instagram is infinitely cooler than your real life actually is.

It's the illusion that matters.

7. You pretended to grow out of drinking Franzia, but you never actually stopped drinking it after college.


8. Your idea of a "balanced breakfast" is two cups of coffee before 9 a.m.

Beans are vegetables.

9. And Annie's macaroni and cheese is your idea of a healthy meal.


10. Every time another person you grew up with gets engaged or announces a pregnancy, your urge to drink becomes stronger.


But we're like.... still only 15 years old!??!?!

11. You're secretly holding out for Bill Gates to take care of your student loans.

12. You pulled all nighters in college, so sometimes you think you still can.


Hint: You can't.

13. You've lied about having the flu when you were actually just hungover and ashamed.

Paramount Pictures

But I only had three beers...

14. The only reason you would help your friends move is if it filled your workout quota for the year.


Lifting heavy boxes is enough of a workout for one year.

15. If you're invited to a wedding that is more than 20 miles away, and it does not have an open bar, you probably won't be in attendance.


16. Your idea of romance is when someone texts you using emojis.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

17. And your idea of maturing means buying the more expensive bed option at IKEA. / Via

Even if you still struggle to put it together.

18. To you, budgeting means downloading the Mint app and literally never opening it again.

At least you downloaded it!!!
Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

At least you downloaded it!!!

19. You have, at one point, tried beginning a relationship by consistently making eye contact with someone who you think is cute.

Sony Pictures

I mean you can't just TALK to them.

20. You have visited your parents at some point just because you knew it meant a balanced meal that you didn't have to pay for.

And also because you love them, obviously.

21. You've considered the major responsibility of getting a dog while simultaneously washing your underwear in the sink, because you didn't feel like doing a load of laundry.

Responsibility at it's finest. It's those damn ASPCA commercials.

22. You haven't consistently been to the eye doctor or dentist since your mom stopped making the appointments for you.

23. Your idea of keeping all of your financial paperwork organized means shoving it into the desk in your room that you've never actually sat at.

At least it's all TOGETHER.

24. And honestly, you have NO idea what you will be doing a month from now, let alone a year from now and the future freaks you out.


Just remember, you're not alone.

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