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19 Ridiculous Things You'll Only Find At Walmart

Save money. Laugh harder.

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1. This majestic camouflage armchair.

2. These pads who finally found their chill.

3. This cake awaiting Willcome at home.

4. This sacrificial altar of retail greatness in the bathroom.

5. This vengeful chicken.

6. These magical dress shoes that improve exponentially with age.

7. This bargain to beat all bargains.

8. This mini-horse, the ultimate finder of bargains.

9. This meticulously priced lawn furniture.

10. This shirt, telling the most romantic story ever told.

11. This carefully engraved bottle of Clorox.

12. This display of tremendous markdowns.

13. This most rare and precious hand soap.

14. These ever-morphing chameleon pails.

15. This display of the dark side of geometry.

16. This heartfelt message for the recent graduate.

17. This insane amount of irony.

18. These potatoes of mystery and wonder.

19. And, of course, this perfect gift.

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