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    24 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People With Resting Bitchface

    It's just my face.

    1. When you're thinking about what you want to watch on Netflix when you get home from work:

    2. When you see someone you know from across the room and get ready to say hi:

    3. When you realize this is an accurate description of your face:

    4. When you look in a mirror:

    5. When you're in a meeting and zoning the f out:

    6. When you validate your facial expressions with this hard truth:

    7. When you're thinking about an inside joke:

    8. When 80% of the texts you receive are concerned:

    9. When you're walking down the street minding your own business:

    10. When you try to take a selfie and smile but it's just the same face over and over again:

    11. When you are 100% sure you're making a pleasant face:

    12. When your friends are honest with you:

    13. When you try to explain yourself to haters:

    14. When you remember how Lost ended:

    15. When you're really, really excited about something:

    16. When no one understands that it's just your face:

    17. When people actually talk to you and are surprised when you're nice:

    18. When all of your IDs suffer because of your RBF:

    19. When you're thinking about food 99% of the time but it looks like you're plotting murders:

    20. When you know that no amount of caffeine will change your face:

    21. When you try to smile and it just doesn't work:

    22. When the world finally starts to catch on:

    23. When you're having one of the best days ever:

    24. And basically the questions you are always prepared to answer: