18 Reasons Summer Sucks For All Women

    Because boob sweat.

    1. Because summer means swimsuits and swimsuit season always comes entirely too soon.

    2. And because girls can't just take their shirts off when they feel too much heat walking down the sidewalk.

    3. Because cute summer shoes mean blisters.

    4. Because summer means tan lines that will look weird no matter what you do.

    5. Because boob sweat in your nice bras is A PUNISHMENT FROM ABOVE.

    6. Because of sweaty ass necks. Wanna wear your hair down? TOO BAD LOL!

    7. And because trying to find a pair of shorts that aren't underwear or awkward capris is a serious struggle.

    8. Because wearing makeup is next to impossible, you'll sweat if off immediately.

    9. Because trying to have a solid hairstyle in the summer is almost unheard of.

    10. And any sort of blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener use is strictly forbidden unless you feel like dying of heat stroke and taking yet another shower.

    11. Because summer time means the need to shave more often.

    12. And because shaving more often means more razor bump and razor burn.

    13. Because wearing a summer dress just means that dress will stick to your sweaty body in all the wrong places.

    14. Because wearing shorts or a dress means your legs become a feast for bugs.

    15. And so does wearing your favorite perfumes and lotions.

    16. Because your legs will stick to everything and leave sweat stains behind.

    17. Because wearing sunscreen every waking hour increases your chance of breaking your body or your face out in acne.

    18. And because in order to wear your favorite sweater, you have to risk heat stroke.