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15 Reasons Julie Taylor Is The Worst "Friday Night Lights" Character Of All Time

Clear eyes, full hearts, can we lose Julie?

This is Julie Taylor, one of the main characters on the greatest show OF ALL TIME: Friday Night Lights.

Even though the show was basically PERFECT, it could have only improved if Julie Taylor didn't exist.

Worst character of all time. Observe and learn.

1. First of all, she dated Matt Saracen for most of the show and NEVER EVEN APPRECIATED HIM.

2. Not only was he GORG, he also loved and appreciated his grandma.

3. And took care of her, like, all the time.

4. Meanwhile, Julie was busy not appreciating him.

5. She pouted 99% of the time.

6. Then, when her baby sister was born, she decided to pretend little Gracie Belle didn't exist and bounce on over to the pool.

7. This is the SAME pool where she met this sweaty Swedish college dude and decided she wanted to have an affair with him.

8. That's right, she cheated on Matt with some dude she met at the pool.

9. Then she tried to tell Matt she cheated on him and SHATTERED HIS HEART because she felt like she was turning into her mom.

10. She fought with her parents pretty much all the time.

Seriously. The greatest.

11. After Tim Riggins SAVED HER LIFE from a tornado, she got too drunk and managed to get him in serious trouble. After he tried to save her life. Again.

12. She got way too cozy with her teacher when she was in high school.

13. And then, because a high school relationship wasn't enough, she had a literal affair with her TA in college.

14. Then she went running to Matt in Chicago, because she likes to take advantage of nice people.

15. She ends up getting engaged to Matt Saracen, and for that, she will never be forgiven.

In conclusion, she is the WORST.