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25 Things That '90s Kids Are Still Trying To Figure Out

Why did anyone buy Furbies?

1. How Rose did this in Titanic.

20th Century Fox / Via

2. Or how Jack got his spit to go so damn far.

20th Century Fox / Via

3. How Robin Williams survived being stuck in Jumanji.

TriStar Pictures

4. How MASH predicted your future.

5. Why your hair never looked like this.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

6. How people saw the hidden picture right away.

7. What the lyrics to "The Circle of Life" are.

Walt Disney Pictures

8. And what the meaning behind the lyrics to "Wannabe" is.

Virgin Records / Via

9. How the Spice Girls danced in these platform shoes without twisting their ankles.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Wire Image

10. How Angelica's magical tutu dress never bent.


11. Why on earth anyone would cancel The Mickey Mouse Club.

Walt Disney Pictures

12. What mysterious ingredients are inside Fruit Gushers.

Flickr: maggiet / Creative Commons

13. What JNCO stood for.

Flickr: 59473451@N05 / Creative Commons

14. If you assembled your Lunchables pizza in a new order, if it would taste different.

Flickr: mandimaebe / Creative Commons

15. Why anyone bought Furbies.

Flickr: jovriens / Creative Commons

16. How some people were able to get cool icons and font colors for their AIM messages.

Flickr: mattgrimm / Creative Commons

17. Why this never happened at your high school.

18. Why blowing air into your Nintendo video game always worked.

Flickr: raider3_anime / Creative Commons

19. How you survived the time between Harry Potter book releases.

Flickr: sararasmussen / Creative Commons

20. How one woman could be so badass.

MCA Television

21. Why your mood ring never really reflected your mood.

Flickr: tinkerroll21 / Creative Commons

22. Why the Home Alone robbers kept trying to mess with Kevin.

20th Century Fox

23. How some of your friends became masters of origami in one class period.

24. Who the old guys were that sang the "Macarena."

25. And the flawless relationship that was Cory and Topanga. Does this happen IRL?


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