21 Pictures That Look Exactly Like College

    Let's do a keg stand.

    1. Red Solo cups.

    2. A mostly empty fridge, except for beer and pizza.

    3. Pizza boxes constantly by the trash.

    4. An energy drink.

    5. Very, very cheap vodka.

    6. And cheap beer.

    7. The snooze button.

    8. A study session in the library.

    9. Ramen noodles.

    10. A futon.

    11. A mini fridge.

    12. An exhausted face from an all-nighter.

    13. A tell-tale piece of clothing on a door handle

    14. Clothing with your college's logo printed ALL OVER.

    15. Beer pong at tailgates.

    16. Sorority girls in matching T-shirts.

    17. Keg stands.

    18. Jello shots.

    19. Care packages from home.

    20. Naps in the middle of the day.

    21. Sweatpants as an outfit.