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21 Pictures That Look Exactly Like College

Let's do a keg stand.

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1. Red Solo cups.

Because what else are you supposed to drink cheap beer out of?

2. A mostly empty fridge, except for beer and pizza.

Basically all you need for a balanced diet.

3. Pizza boxes constantly by the trash.

Which you'd get around to taking out ... months later.

4. An energy drink.

For those 8 a.m. classes ...

5. Very, very cheap vodka.

If you ever felt a cold coming on, this certainly did the trick.

6. And cheap beer.

To play beer pong with, obviously.

7. The snooze button.

Which you pressed, without fail, every single day.

8. A study session in the library.

To study for an exam, or write a paper, or study for finals, or socialize with friends...

9. Ramen noodles.

AKA dinner.

10. A futon.

The greatest piece of furniture ever invented. A couch AND A BED.

11. A mini fridge.

To store your alcohol and hide it from your R.A.

12. An exhausted face from an all-nighter.

Because you procrastinated.

13. A tell-tale piece of clothing on a door handle

You were SEXILED.

14. Clothing with your college's logo printed ALL OVER.

SCHOOL SPIRIT since you're paying thousands of dollars to attend.

15. Beer pong at tailgates.

And never actually making it to the game.

16. Sorority girls in matching T-shirts.

And calling people with no relation to you your brothers and sisters.

17. Keg stands.

And your arms being tired from holding someone up.

18. Jello shots.

And NEVER actually being able to get it out without your hand.

19. Care packages from home.

Because your parents felt sorry for you.

20. Naps in the middle of the day.

Class was so ExHaUsTiNg.

21. Sweatpants as an outfit.

Because who actually DRESSES UP for class? AMIRITE??

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