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    22 Pictures That Prove Women Should Rule The World

    Who should run the world? Girls.

    1. These guys who haven't heard of electrocution.

    2. This guy who thought Mt. Rushmore was made by nature.


    3. This guy and his friends who were bored.

    4. These guys for trusting a chair.

    5. These guys who won't just walk downstairs.

    6. These guys who wanted to make this repair as difficult as possible.

    7. This guy who didn't want to invest in bungee cords.

    8. This guy who was too lazy to google what parrots look like.


    9. This guy who didn't feel like taking safety precautions.

    10. This guy who asks Twitter when he should have just asked Google and saved himself.

    11. These guys who didn't bother looking for a taller ladder.

    12. This guy who didn't spell check.

    13. This guy who has apparently never seen a turtle before.


    14. This guy who is confused about how a ladder works.

    15. This guy who forgot he was holding a chainsaw.

    16. This guy who can't remember what social medium he is using.

    17. This guy who didn't think this one through.

    18. This guy who wanted to trim his hedges.

    19. This guy who is too lazy to open his umbrella.

    20. This guy who didn't want to find a real toy.

    21. These guys who couldn't be bothered to rent a truck.

    22. And this guy who needs to work on his Photoshop skills.

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