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21 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Girlfriend

*apologizes for being distant and affectionate and moody*

1. When you're hungry:

2. When you make sure you get your point across:

3. When you need attention:

4. When you let them know that you're always around:

5. When you're just really sorry:

6. When you need to remind them what is important:

7. When you get worried:

8. When you have your priorities straight:

9. When you have a big heart:

10. When you get suspicious:

11. When you're just honest about your feelings:

12. When you won't be ignored:

13. When you're honest about your wants and needs:

14. When you put them in their place:

15. When you get ~steamy~:

16. When you just want ONE good Instagram:

17. When you demand to be treated like the catch you are:

18. When you go from 0-100, but it's just who you are:

19. When you're feeling petty:

20. When you let your crazy flag fly proudly:

21. And when they pissed you off but you're still the best girlfriend they've ever had: