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    People Are Using the Hashtag #MedicatedAndMighty To Fight the Stigma Around Mental Health Medication


    On Sept. 2, blogger Erin Jones posted this photo on her Facebook page after being offline for a while.

    Jones told BuzzFeed that she made the post in order to be open and honest about everything she was going through.

    Since then the photo has been viewed thousands of times, and after a story on Jones ran in The Mighty, the hashtag #MedicatedAndMighty was born.

    Medication has a terrible stigma. Some brains work differently and that's okay. You aren't weak.#MedicatedAndMighty

    Many have used Twitter to share their own photos, stories, and experiences with medications.

    #MedicatedAndMighty bc ur not weak for taking mental health medication, and they're not just antidepressants! 🙌🏻

    When Jones started to see widespread support, she was ecstatic.

    Got used to different brands with each repeat, but first time I've had bright pink #EndTheStigma #MedicatedAndMighty

    She told BuzzFeed that it felt like a hug. "It felt like I wasn't standing out in front of everybody being stared at. It felt like support."

    When asked about the widespread participation, Jones said it's simple: "People are tired of hiding. We're tired of shame. We're tired of feeling alone. We're tired of not being heard."

    The brain can get sick too that's why I'm #MedicatedAndMighty

    Jones adds that she hopes as awareness grows, "accusations and hatred hurled into the direction of those with mental illness will be seen as nothing more than ramblings from an uneducated minority."

    No shame in needing a little extra help. #MedicatedAndMighty #nostigmas #standtogether

    You can see more photos and tweets like these by checking out the #MedicatedAndMighty hashtag.

    a flaw in chemistry isn't a flaw in character, and taking meds to help is brave #MedicatedAndMighty #EndTheStigma