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55 Thoughts Everyone Has While Eating At Olive Garden

Is this heaven?

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1. YESSS. We are here.

2. I am so freaking ready for this.

3. How many people DO we have in our party?

4. Holy shit, what is she eating? That looks DELICIOUS.

5. I am so hungry.

6. How did these people leave behind four uneaten breadsticks???

7. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took them.

8. How big is this damn restaurant?

9. Finally, our seat. I love these cloth napkins. So fancy.

10. No, don't take away those wine glasses, gimme a lil sip sip.

11. Alright, we obviously need breadsticks and salad pronto.

12. Has this menu always been so big?

13. OMG, what DO I want to drink???

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14. Why did that table get their breadsticks before us?

15. I'm so hungry I could eat 17 breadsticks at this moment.

16. I see someone carrying breadsticks.

17. Are those ours???


19. Oh, the salad too. Thank god.

20. She just asked me to say "when" to stop the cheese.

21. What if I never say "when"? OK, I'll say it.

22. Wow this looks so good. My mouth is watering.

23. Oh my god these breadsticks are so good. How is this even possible?

24. How am I supposed to share the rest with the rest of the table?

25. HAHA, yeah, sure, this is only my "second" breadstick.

26. I can't believe I have a meal coming after this, too. Is this heaven?

27. God, can you hear me? If so, thanks for the breadsticks.

28. I could eat this for the rest of my life and be completely fine.

29. Life is so beautiful. Everything is so beautiful.


lighting__engineer / Via

31. OK, shit, what do I want to order? The pasta or the pasta?

32. I should stop eating so that I have room for my entree.

33. HAHA, just kidding, I have to eat this last breadstick.

34. Is this salad dressing laced with drugs? Tbh, I don't care either way.

35. How does our waitress carry all our shit on one tray?

36. It's here. It's mine. It's so beautiful. I can't believe I created this by asking for it off the menu. Life is a miracle.


38. I want 75% cheese, 25% pasta.

39. Shit, I'm kind of... full.

40. NOOOO.

41. Push through, PUSH THROUGH. Keep eating. KEEP EATING.

42. OK, I need a to-go box.

43. Should I eat this for breakfast tomorrow? I should eat this for breakfast tomorrow.

44. I am a monster.

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45. I wonder if she'll bring us extra Andes mints.

46. No :(

47. I feel like my dad doesn't even like these, so I'll just take his.

48. Oh my god, I have to pee. How do I find the bathroom in this Italian maze?

49. I am so full I cannot move.

50. I can never eat again. LITERALLY EVER AGAIN.

51. "Would you like a fresh batch of breadsticks to go?" ... YES, PLEASE.

52. Whatever, you can't say no to breadsticks.

53. I can probably fit these last two in my jacket...

54. I can't believe this is already over.

55. I can't wait to come back next week.

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