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32 Things That Would Only Happen In New Orleans


1. When this pothole was covered using Mardi Gras beads.

2. When this warning was in a taxi.

3. When this guy realized he didn't need a pickup truck to get shit done.

4. When this store made an effort to keep the city hydrated.

5. When this sign was seen in the New Orleans airport.

6. When this place of business shut down for a beer run.

7. And when this place shut down for a Saints game.

8. When this guy was at a bar six hours after having his gallbladder removed.

9. When there was this daiquiri bar inside of a mall.

10. When this menu had food served "Hunting Camp Style."

11. When there was a trashcan dedicated solely to oyster shells.

12. And when this guy took his goats for a ride.

13. When this beautiful tree was decorated for Mardi Gras.

14. And when this cleaning crew had to be assembled.

#onlyinNOLA: 5-man crew tasked solely with de-beading trees post-Mardi Gras. Via @jedlipinski:

15. When this nice man gave this lady a ride.

16. When someone lost their pet duck.

17. When this pet clinic got creative with their advertising.

18. When this sorbet flavor was available.

19. When this person confronted a plant thief.

20. When this business made some special parking exceptions.

21. And when parking was only available for the saxophone player.

22. When this lady was grinding on a car.

23. When this dog got creative to earn some extra cash.

24. When this sign had to be put up in the bathroom.

25. When this person picked a place to sleep for the night.

26. When this restaurant decided on the soup of the day.

27. When this landlord knew what was important.

28. When this store became available for everyone's boss status needs.

29. When this record shop kindly addressed its customers.

30. When this complete lack of fucks was given.

31. When this recycling reminder was put out.

32. And when this condom flavor arrived for all to enjoy.