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    24 Of The Most Chicago Things To Ever Happen

    All hail the Windy City.

    1. This solution to finding free parking in downtown Chicago.

    2. And this school bus with a boot on it.

    3. This face that all Chicago Cubs fans totally relate to.

    4. This billboard in Chicago before a USA and Canada hockey matchup.

    5. This toilet water perfectly summing up winters in Chicago.

    6. This cat explaining what it's like for everyone in Chicago trying to stay warm during the winter.

    7. And this cat describing what it's like in Chicago during the height of summer.

    8. This casual request from the Hilton in Chicago to guests.


    "We request that you do not open your windows in your suite during this time to avoid the annual migration of High Rise Flying Spiders."

    9. This billboard urging people to quit smoking.

    10. This protester's sign during a rally.

    11. This summary of all Chicago sports fans' thought processes every year.


    By February: Man, D Rose is hurt again and the Bulls are bad. But hey! The new Bears administration is going to turn things around.

    12. This ode to the perfect sunbathing weather in Chicago.

    13. This accurate summary of Chicago weather.


    14. This Bears fan exercising his Second Amendment rights.

    15. These shirts that the waitstaff wear at a bar in Chicago.

    16. This picture that could happen on any given day during a winter in Chicago.


    LOL! Hope you have an ice scraper!

    17. This picture describing what it's like when out-of-towners don't know what the Sears Tower is.

    18. This moving company's clever slogan.


    19. This display of the passengers on CTA.


    20. This sign of Patrick held up at Lolla that somehow makes so much sense.


    21. This face that captures how we all felt the first time we laid eyes on deep-dish-style pizza.


    22. And this notice to anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy a hot dog.


    23. These Blackhawks fans wearing special jerseys.


    24. And this special note and pizza delivery from Chicago after the Boston Marathon bombings, showing how great the people of Chicago really are.


    To the Boston Globe newsroom:

    We can't buy you lost sleep, so at least let us pick up lunch.

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