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    Posted on Feb 3, 2015

    23 Moments Every Former Emo Kid Will Remember

    You rocked too fast for love.

    1. The first time you realized you could write about your emo feelings on Xanga or LiveJournal.


    Dear Journal,

    Life is stupid. lol.



    2. The beautiful moment when you finally mastered the art of the sideway bang.

    3. The feeling you got the first time you heard a song that spoke to you and understood exactly how you felt about life and how unfair it was.

    4. The first time you experienced the summer heat at Warped Tour.

    5. The time when someone tried to tell you about the "new" band you had been listening to for two years.


    Sit. Down.

    6. The first day that you wore your brand new checkered Vans and felt untouchable.

    7. The first time you got on someone's shoulders in hopes that when you screamed your feelings, your favorite musician would notice you.

    8. And the first time you got to meet one of your favorite musicians.

    9. The split second after meeting someone and realizing that they loved all the same alternative bands you did.

    10. When you finally saved up enough money to see your beloved band in an underground concert and feel all your feelings IRL.

    11. The time you decided on the PERFECT ~emo~ away message for every moment that you were away from AIM.

    Candace Lowry for BuzzFeed

    So many feelings.

    12. The first time you purchased something from Hot Topic.

    13. The first time you heard "MakeDamnSure."

    And watched the music video, holding your breath the entire time.

    14. And when you purchased your very first band T-shirt and wore it proudly to school so everyone knew you were into DIFFERENT music.

    15. The moment when you FINALLY convinced your parents to let you get a piercing.

    16. The exact moment when you completed your band poster collage in your bedroom.

    17. The day you looked in the mirror and realized you had finally achieved the ~alternative~ style you wanted.

    18. The first time you ever experienced crowdsurfing or a mosh pit.

    19. And, of course, the first injury you sustained from said crowdsurfing and mosh pits.

    20. The time you perfected the heavy eyeliner look without looking too much like a raccoon.

    21. The first time you heard your favorite band on mainstream radio and knew it wouldn't be long before everyone was a "fan."



    22. When you took the perfect photo of yourself and got your entire body in it just like those cool kids on Myspace.

    23. And the first time you realized that when your music was on, nothing else mattered.

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