Making Friends As An Adult: Expectations Vs. Reality

Yeah I have friends…all ten seasons.

1. Expectation: When you move to a new city you won’t have trouble finding a new group of friends.

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2. Reality: You smiled and said hi to someone in the grocery store and they just continued walking.

3. Expectation: You’ll become quick friends with your cubicle neighbors.

4. Reality: You spend five minutes talking to them before realizing they have headphones in.

5. Expectation: Your new neighbor will bring over a bottle of wine and you’ll drink it together while talking about how crazy your other neighbors are.

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6. Reality: Your new neighbor knocks on your door to tell you that you need to learn how to park.

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7. Expectation: You’ll bond with your co-workers over lunch hour.

8. Reality: Half the office goes out and the other half eats at their desks while working. Alone again.

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9. Expectation: When you finally meet some new people you’ll have no trouble starting conversation.

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10. Reality: “So I heard it might rain this weekend…”

11. Expectation: When you finally get up the nerve to ask for your new friend’s number, you won’t feel weird texting them later to make plans.

12. Reality: “Who is this?” It’s me! From work! “Who?”

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13. Expectation: You’ll be invited to house parties in no time.

14. Reality: Netflix all weekend.

15. Expectation: You’ll join a sports league and meet tons of people.

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16. Reality: They still haven’t forgiven you for giving the ball to the other team during the first week.

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17. Expectation: Making friends will get easier with age.

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18. Reality: Begin wondering if our parents can still set up playdates.

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