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Let's Be Honest, Mulan Is The Only Disney Princess Who Matters

I'll make a Mulan out of you.

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First of all, Mulan is resourceful AF.

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She has a lot of responsibility and manages it all flawlessly. And come on, we've all written answers on our hands before. Sure, it may be slightly dishonest, but no one can say it isn't resourceful!

She is the definition of selfless.

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Mulan's father, who had been injured before, was summoned by the government to fight in war. She knew he wouldn't make it out alive, so she sacrificed herself to save him. Now tell us that doesn't make you shed a damn tear.

She has sheer determination.

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She knew she wasn't as physically strong (yet lol) as the other soldiers, so she used her fantastic brain to think of other ways to make it through training. She knew it was up to her, and her alone, to prove herself. And she did just that. LADY GOALS, AM I RIGHT?? Also, she climbed a pole, and some of us struggle to even climb out of bed. So.

She wakes up realistically.

What's that, you say? It's a cartoon? Yes, it is, but it's also seen by millions of little girls and boys every single day, so for Mulan to wake up with her hair sticking straight up is amazing in itself. She loves to sleep, and that speaks straight to all of our souls.

We see ourselves in her.

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Is this Mulan eating her breakfast, or us when we order a pizza? It's truly hard to tell. In all seriousness, Mulan remains true to who she is no matter where she is. That's something we all aim for, and Mulan inspires us to keep aiming.

And, quite frankly, she's a badass.

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Remember when Mulan busted her ass training every day and eventually got so strong, both mentally and physically, that she was top of her class? MULAN FOR PRESIDENT. That's all we have to say about that.

She is a feminist hero.

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A woman who is not only looked down upon in her culture but also expected to never enter the battlefield does just that AND continues to speak her mind, influencing those around her. This is so beautiful we might cry.

She rarely, rarely ever thinks about herself before thinking of others.

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This is a quality that many of us like to think we possess if it ever came down to it. But for Mulan, it came down to it SEVERAL times, and she never once faltered when it came to putting others before herself. *** bows down ***

She refuses to give up.

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Let's think about this situation for a second: Mulan was just stabbed, discovered as being a woman, left in the mountains with no supplies, and is also kneeling in snow that is most definitely cold AF. Does she lie down in a blanket and bawl her eyes out asking why it had to happen to her? No. She gets up and keeps going. Truly a national treasure.

And she saved the entire day...and also the entire country, tbh.

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Mulan could have easily given up. No one believed her. No one was taking her seriously. But she didn't. She went to the city, and did everything in her power to make sure innocent people were safe. Do you have goosebumps or is it just us??

Basically, Mulan is everything we have ever wanted and needed in a Disney princess and/or character.

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She's more than just a cartoon — she's the unsung hero of our lives.

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